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Lesson Withdrawal

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Membership Withdrawal:
  1. Membership may be canceled with 14-Day Advanced Notice by submitting our Online Withdrawal Form below. Any pre-paid lessons beyond the 14-Day Advanced Notice will be: a) carried forward toward the student’s return, b) transferred to another account (sibling, etc.), or c) refunded (prorated) at your request.
  2. You may withdraw the cancellation at any time before it takes effect but your teacher and/or time slot can not be guaranteed.
    • A $20 Returning Student Registration Fee will be required to re-enroll after the Withdrawal Effective Date (last lesson date).
  3. All Make-Up Credits expire 30 days after the Withdrawal Effective Date (last lesson date).
  4. Membership is not transferable.
  5. Centre Music House reserves the right to terminate membership, in which case prorated tuition will be refunded.

If you're stopping for the summer and plan to return in the fall, use the Summer Hold Form instead.

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