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About our violins:

What's included with your violin

All violins come with a case, a bow, and a block of rosin.

The quality of your violin

Learning how to play the violin can be hard. It's even harder if your instrument is not working well or is just not good quality.
If you're serious about learning the violin, you need an instrument that...

  • is well-made and has a long life
  • is easy to play and press the strings down
  • comes with a good quality bow that has enough hair and
  • comes in a good quality case to keep it protected.

We'll supply you with a well-made, high quality student violin that will make learning as easy and comfortable as possible. We inspect all of our violins to ensure they're in proper playing condition so that when you pick it up it's ready to go.

Repairing your violin

Things happen. Strings break, bridges fall off, bows lose their hair, this list goes on.
If anything happens to your violin while you're renting it bring it in and we'll take care of it.
That being said, this is a high quality instrument and you must respect the instrument and treat it with care. Any damage due to negligence or misuse is not covered and you'll be responsible for any costs to fix or replace the instrument.

Exchanging your violin for a different size

Violins come in different sizes and the one that's right for you depends on the length of your arm. The sizes available here are 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 4/4(full). If you start out on anything smaller than a 4/4 size violin, then you will eventually need to upgrade to a larger size as your arms grow.

Your teacher will be able to recommend when it's time to make the jump to a larger size. When that time comes, just bring your violin in and we'll exchange it for the next size up. The credit towards ownership will transfer to the new violin.


Your rental agreement has a built-in rent-to-own program which means each payment you make goes towards the cost of ownership. Of the monthly rental charge, $22 goes towards to the total value of a full-size violin. If you rent the instrument for enough consecutive months you will end up owning it completely. If you return the instrument you forfeit any credit you’ve accrued towards ownership.

Included in the rent-to-own program is an early purchase option. You may purchase your violin outright at any point and you'll receive a 30% discount off of the total remaining balance.

Returning your violin

 If you'd like to stop renting your violin just bring it into Centre Music House and any future payments stop.