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Violin Lessons

Jumpstart your child’s musical journey with violin lessons!

We offer violin lessons for all ages and levels. Meet with our expert teachers for one-on-one private violin lessons. Students and teachers will work out of popular method books like the Suzuki method and the Mark O’Connor method.

Beginner students will learn

  • basic classical technique
  • how to read music
  • rhythm and intonation
  • early classical and folk standards from around the world

As students progress in their violin lessons they will have the option of choosing to explore music of different cultures/genres like classical, Celtic, bluegrass, rock/pop and jazz.

When to start Violin Lessons

Violin lessons will begin as early as 5 years old.

Start learning how to play the violin today!
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Don’t have a violin to play yet?

We offer a rental program to beginner violinists as well as comprehensive repair service to keep the student’s instrument in top playing condition. For information about our repairs click here: Violin Rental.