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Ukulele Lessons

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Pick up the instrument that’s won the hearts of music lovers around the world.
Start your ukulele lessons today!

The ukulele has made a come back! In recent years many pop and rock songs have featured the four-stringed Hawaiian instrument and since then people of all ages and musical interests have adopted the ukulele as a go-to instrument.

Ukulele lessons are tailored to the students’ abilities and goals. Most students will start from square one learning the basics of the instrument. If you’ve played a stringed instrument before you will have a head start on learning how to play the ukulele and the skills needed will come to you much quicker.

Beginning Students will…

  • learn how to read ukulele notation or tab
  • learn basic chord shapes
  • the names of the strings and the notes on the strings
  • simple melodies and basic songs

The ukulele is an extremely versatile instrument. As you progress through your ukulele lessons you will have the option of exploring multiple musical genres and how you can apply the ukulele to certain songs.

When To Start Ukulele Lessons

Students as young as 7 or 8 can start ukulele lessons. We have had students as young as 5 years old play the ukulele. At such a young age we recommend students do a trial lesson to make sure the student is prepared for full-time private lessons.

Ukulele Teachers

Professional Ukulele Teachers in Framingham, MA

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What students and parents are saying about lessons at Centre Music House:

"My daughter Emma looks forward to her weekly piano lesson with Lauren, it’s one of the highlights of her week. Lauren is doing a great job engaging Emma and making piano fun."

- Bethany L. (Parent)

"Don't be deceived by its small size, they have what you need in music, instruments, mics, service, strings, lessons, etc. I drove by this place so many times in the past 3 years, and wish I had taken the time to visit earlier instead of driving to Newton or getting things online."

- MaryAnne T. (Student)

"Great piano lessons for our 5 year old daughter. Erin is excellent and teaches all ages and is great with children. We have been so lucky to have lessons during a time where we need something to look forward to and offer some structure for little ones to express themselves and grow."

- Shelly A. (Parent)

"Friendly, highly knowledgeable staff & instructors. I’ve been taking bass lessons which have helped me improve much faster than I thought I would on my own. Highly recommend for learning an instrument or making a purchase."

 - Chris F. (Student)

"A great music store, cordial, professional staff, and excellent music teachers. My violin teacher, Anna, is fun and inspiring."

- Marianne O. (Student)

"Look no further! This is the BEST place you can find."

- Lizzy G. (Parent)

"The people at CMH are amazingly awesome. I enjoy bringing my children here for lessons in several different instruments. Would strongly recommend."

- Erik F. (Parent)

"I have been taking guitar lessons at Centre music house for over five and a half years now, and I have only good things to say. The teachers and staff are always professional and kind, and I have gotten a high quality musical education during my time here. I would unhesitatingly recommend Centre music house to anyone in the Framingham area who wants an excellent music education from great people."

- Devin C. (Student)