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Trombone Lessons

If you want to get ahead in your school band, marching band, trying out for jazz band, or prepping for a competition then you’ve got to come to Centre Music House for private Trombone lessons!

The Trombone is a popular brass instrument that is used in a wide variety of music from concert band and marching band to rock and r&b bands.

Our trombone teachers offer lessons on the Alto, Tenor, Soprano, and Baritone saxophones. They can teach in a number of styles; jazz, pop, big-band, etc. Many of the books which they use to supplement lesson materials contain play-along CDs which enhance the learning experience and add a performance element to lessons and practice.

Beginner trombone students will learn:

  • Correct hand placement and posture
  • How to read music
  • Basic music theory
  • Proper breath control and timing
  • How to play basic melodies and songs

As you progress through your trombone lessons you and your teacher will explore more difficult keys and time signatures, dynamics, improvisation, and various styles of music for the saxophone such as Jazz.

When to Start Trombone Lessons

Our trombone students range in age from 8 or 9 to adult.

Start learning how to play the trombone today!
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Don’t have a Trombone to play yet?

We offer a rental program to beginner saxophonists as well as comprehensive repair service to keep the student’s instrument in top playing condition. For information about our repairs click here: Trombone Rental.