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Meet Our Teachers

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Learning an instrument starts with finding the right teacher for you. The right teacher is someone who has experience, is patient, professional, and makes learning an instrument fun and engaging. 

The teachers at Centre Music House embody these qualities and so much more. They are passionate about music and love to inspire a passion for music other people too.

We take great care to find teachers who share our values and bring their own unique experiences and approaches to music education. We're proud to have assembled a team of amazing people and we can't wait for you meet them!

Meet Our Piano & Voice Teachers
Erin Dilworth Piano Voice Teacher

Erin Dilworth

Piano - Voice

Lisa Keefe Piano Teacher

Lisa Keefe


Cameron Riolo Voice Piano Teacher

Cameron Riolo

Piano - Voice

Sondra Kelly Voice Piano Teacher

Sondra Kelly

Piano - Voice

Meet Our Drum & Percussion Teachers
Meet Our Guitar, Bass, & Ukulele Teachers
Dave Cirella Guitar Teacher

Dave Cirella

Guitar - Bass - Ukulele

Ryan Fleming Guitar Teacher

Ryan Fleming

Guitar - Bass - Ukulele

Rihards Kolmanis Teacher

Rihards Kolmanis

Guitar - Bass - Ukulele

Arthur Olins Guitar Teacher

Arthur Olins

Guitar - Bass - Banjo - Cello

Mauro Correa Guitar Teacher

Mauro Correa

Guitar - Bass - Ukulele - Mandolin - Cavaquinho

Meet Our Violin, Viola & Cello Teachers
Anna Hornal Violin Teacher

Anna Hornal

Violin - Viola

Arthur Olins Guitar Teacher

Arthur Olins

Guitar - Bass - Banjo - Cello

Meet Our Woodwind & Brass Teachers
Annalise Moschella Flute Teacher

Annalise Moschella

Flute - Piano

Paul Meland Woodwind Teacher

Paul Meland

Saxophone - Clarinet - Recorder

Nate Karahalis Trumpet Teacher

Nate Karahalis


Daniel Meza Woodwind Teacher

Daniel Meza

Oboe - Saxophone - Clarinet - Flute - Voice

Xan Denker Trumpet Teacher

Xan Denker