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Short Term Rentals

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Sound systems and equipment to power your private events. Daily, Weekly, Monthly rental rates available. Call for a quote!

Keyboard Rentals
  • Casio Keyboard - Full-size 88-key keyboard with weighted hammer action keys. Includes case, power supply, and damper pedal.
  • Keyboard Stand - Collapsible double-braced X keyboard stand.
  • Keyboard Bench - Three-Position X-Style Keyboard Bench.
Microphone Rentals
  • Shure SM58 Microphone - Professional Vocal Microphone.
  • Shure SM57 Microphone - Professional Instrument Microphone.
  • Samson XPD2 Wireless Microphone - HXD1 Microphone Transmitter & RXD2 Wireless USB Receiver.
  • On-Stage AS800 Condenser Microphone - AS800 Microphone with shock mount and windscreen in a hardshell carrying case.
  • Microphone Stand - Collapsible tripod Microphone Stand.
  • Microphone Cable - XLR Cable.
Amplifiers and Speakers
  • Instrument Amplifier - Amp for guitar, bass, or keyboard.
  • Fishman Loudbox Mini - 60 Watt Fishman Loundbox amplifier with instrument and microphone input and bluetooth connectivity.
  • Peavey PR12 Speakers - Pair of Peavey PR12 speakers. Each speaker contains a heavy duty 12".
  • Samson XP1000 PA Package - Samson XP1000 PA Head and speaker pair, speaker stands, speaker cables.
  • Speaker Stands - Pair of telescopic extending speaker stands with adjustable tripod base.
  • Speaker Cables - Pair of speaker cables.
  • Instrument Cable - 1/4" mono instrument cable.
  • Aux Cable - 1/8" stereo auxiliary cable.