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Shure LX Wireless Microphone System w/ Beta 58A (USED)

Manufacturer #:LX

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  • Shure
  • LX
  • Wireless Microphone System
  • LX4 Receiver, LX2 Transmitter with Beta 58A Microphone
  • Missing Antennae
  • USED Condition: Good

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Shure LX Wireless Microphone System w/ Beta 58A (USED)

Widely used in installed sound and live music situations, LX Wireless systems deliver top–notch performance and VHF reliability at a moderate price. They enable users to configure a wireless system, with a wide array of professional handheld, lavalier, instrument and headworn microphone options as well as single–antenna or diversity receivers.

Product Features:

Exclusive Shure MARCAD Circuitry

MARCAD (MAximum Ratio Combining Audio Diversity)circuitry constantly monitors signals from both receiver sections and combines them to create a single output signal. The result is improved reception and exceptional freedom from dropouts.

Half-Rack Receiver Size

The LX4 receiver interfaces with the HR (half-rack) format, and are supplied with both single and dual rack-mount hardware. An optional WA503 accessory kit lets you front-mount antennas.

Power/Battery Fuel Gauge

The LX2 transmitter includes a three-light gauge that indicates both “power on” and the amount of battery life remaining.

Dual RF Level Meters

Instead of a conventional single RF meter, the LX4 receiver has two meters, one for each antenna. The dual meters indicate received signal strength at each antenna, and make it easier to identify and troubleshoot RF “deadspots.”

Audio Metering

A five-light audio meter helps to optimize transmitter gain setting and lets you monitor audio level during operation.

True Guitar Sound

Guitar players demanding the highest degree of sound quality and reliability will appreciate the low noise and uncolored sound of the LX Wireless System.

Noise Squelch

This circuit analyzes signal quality instead of signal strength. This virtually eliminates the possibility of annoying noise bursts coming through your receiver.

Compact Power Adapter

The supplied ac power adapter incorporates small, in-line transformers that save space on ac power strips. It also has mounting tabs so it can be secured to any surface, as well as locking dc power connectors to prevent accidental disconnection from the receiver.

Product Specs:

RF Carrier Frequency Range 169.445 to 240.000 MHz (available frequencies depend on the applicable regulations in the country where the system is used)
Working Range 91 m (300 ft) under typical conditions. NOTE: Actual working range depends on RF signal absorption, reflection and interference.
Audio Frequency Response 50 to 15,000 Hz, ±2 dB. NOTE: Overall system frequency response de-pends on the microphone element.
Audio Output Level(±15 kHz deviation, 1 kHz tone) XLR connector (into 600 Ω load): 0 dBV (line), –20 dBV (mic)1/4inch connector (into 3 kΩ load):–8.8 dBV
Gain Adjustment Range 25 dB
Impedances Output: 150 Ω (XLR); 3 kΩ (1/4-inch phone jack)
Modulation ±15 kHz deviation compressor-expander system with pre- and de-emphasis
RF Power Output 50 mW maximum (complies with FCC and IC regulations)
Dynamic Range >102 dB, A-weighted
RF Sensitivity 0.45 μV for 12 dB SINAD (typical)
Image Rejection 80 dB typical
Spurious Rejection 75 dB typical
Ultimate Quieting (ref. 15 kHz deviation) >100 dB, A-weighted
Audio Polarity Positive  pressure  on  microphone  diaphragm  (or  positive  voltage  applied to tip of WA302 phone plug) produces positive voltage on pin 2 with respect to pin 3 of low impedance output and the tip of the high impedance 1/4-inch output.)
System Distortion (ref. ±15 kHz deviation, 1 kHz modulation) 0.3% THD typical
Power Requirements LX2: 9V alkaline battery (Duracell MN1604 recommended); 8.4V Ni-cad optional
LX4: 12.5 - 18 Vdc (negative ground), 400 mA
Battery Life 18 to 20 hours (with Duracell MN1604 9V alkaline battery)
Operating Temperature Range -20° to 50° C (–4° to 122° F). NOTE: Battery characteristics may limit this range.
Overall Dimensions LX2/BETA 58: 241 mm L x 51 mm Dia. (91/2 x 2 in.)
LX4: 43 mm H x 214 mm W x 183 mm D (111/16 x 87/16 x 73/16 in.)
Net Weight LX2/BETA 58: 295 g (10.4 oz.) without battery
LX4: 1,105 g (2 lbs, 7 oz.)