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Rogue RB-120 Bass Guitar Combo Amp (USED)

Manufacturer #:RB-120

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  • Rogue
  • RB-120
  • Bass Combo Amplifier
  • 120 Watts
  • 15" Speaker
  • USED Condition: Very Good


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Rogue RB-120 Bass Guitar Combo Amp (USED)

Bolster your bottom-end with a big 120W of bass power pumping through a 15" Eminence-designed speaker. Input gain, treble, bass, and parametric-mid controls give you all the bite, bark, and boom you need. Front panel also features a master volume, line out, a headphone jack, a send/return jack, and a balanced/DI out with level control. Excellent as a practice amp, stage monitor, or small club rig.

Product Features:

  •     120W
  •     15" Eminence-designed speaker
  •     Input gain
  •     Treble, bass, and parametric-mid EQ controls
  •     Master volume
  •     Line out
  •     Headphone jack
  •     Send/return jack
  •     Balanced/DI out with level control