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Vito Leblanc 7212 Student Clarinet Outfit

Manufacturer #:7212

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  • Vito Leblanc
  • 7212
  • Student Clarinet Outfit
  • USED Condition: Excellent
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Vito Leblanc 7212 Student Clarinet Outfit

Our Notes: This clarinet comes to us from a former student who has given up the clarinet and wants to pass their old instruments onto a new home. They took very good care of the instrument while it was in their possession. Still, we always make sure that instruments are in the best possible shape before they leave our shop. So we gave it to our repairman who performed a complete service: Remove and polish all keys, chemically clean metal body parts, replace necessary corks, felts, and pads, Re-assemble and regulate. This clarinet is in EXCELLENT condition and is ready to be played. Some details to note: there are some scratches/teeth marks on the mouthpiece and there are various marks and scratches on the barrel, upper joint, lower joint, and bell.

Leblanc Vito clarinets were named after the founder of Leblanc USA, Vito Pascucci. Leblanc student instruments have always been sensitive to the needs of developing students. These clarinets are designed with medium large bore to help students easily achieve a big, well controlled, sound. The P.R.A.G. helps students properly align the bridge mechanism, a tricky part of the instrument to align. Vito clarinets are built to last, so they are ideal for young clarinetists.

Product Features:

  • "0.584"" Medium large bore clarinet
  • free blowing but more controlled sound

Product Specs:

MODEL 7212
BORE Medium large
LEVEL Student level