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Vintage Ludwig Junior Parade Drum 10"x14" Model No. 257, c. 1935

Manufacturer #:No. 257

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  • Ludwig
  • Junior Parade Drum
  • 10"x14" Marching Snare Drum
  • Made in USA
  • c. 1935
  • Mahogany finish shell
  • 8 single key tension double hook clamp rods
  • Maple hoops
  • Nickel fittings
  • Wire-wound silk snares
  • Clip-on drum key
  • Rectangle Ludwig badge
  • Includes original Ludwig carrying bag
  • Original calfskin heads, wire-wound silk snares, and snare strainer. Bottom skin head is broken.

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Our Notes: This drum is in great shape for its age. There are a fair amount of scratches on the finish of the shell. The bottom skin head is broken.

From 1935 Ludwig Catalog:

"The Junior Parade Drum is a truly professional drum in every way, but of a size and weigh that makes it especially suitable for Scouts, Campfire Girls, and School Drum Corps where ages range from twelve to sixteen years. The size is 10”x14”, and is light in weight, easy to carry, and easy to sling.

This model is also a favorite for adult Ladies' Drum Corps, usually in a gleaming snowy white lacquer finish, and is used extensively by Ladies' Auxiliaries of the American Legion and other organizations.

Excellent snare response, fine quality drum tone, ample volume, and exceptional carrying power recommend this drum for general all-around use. Sturdily built to insure long satisfactory service.

Made with single key tension double hook clamp rods, with heads easily tensioned from the top. Available with or without center support studs. The addition of center support studs gives greater strength and sturdiness and is well worth the slight additional cost.

Shell is genuine Mahogany and may be had in its natural finish or in choice of lacquer colors at a small extra cost. Hoops are Maple finish in natural grains. Improved snare strainer, wire-wound silk snares, and quality calf Ludwig heads are standard. All metal fittings heavily nickel plated."

No. 257 - Same as above WITH CENTER SUPPORT STUDS................$ 17.50

One Size Only - 10" x 14"

The Junior Scotch Style Bass Drum and Junior Tenor Drum shown on the opposite page are recommended to be used in Junior Drum Corps with this model Parade Drum."