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Vintage 1946 Henri Selmer Paris M-Series Clarinet, SN:M9168


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  • Vintage 1946 Clarinet
  • Henri Selmer Paris
  • M-Series
  • Wood
  • Large Bore
  • Includes Case
  • USED Condition: Good

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Vintage 1946 Henri Selmer Paris M-Series Clarinet, SN:M9168

Our Notes: This vintage clarinet was recently overhauled by our repair shop. All corks, felts, and pads have been replaced. The body and keys have been cleaned and polished. It's in great shape! There is a crack in the bell but the clarinet still functions 100%. The rest of the instrument is completely free of cracks or chips in the wood.

This clarinet was made in 1946 in France as a part of Selmer's M-Series line of professional clarinets. The M-Series's large bore provides players with a bigger sound. Includes a case.

Product Specs:

BRAND Henri Selmer Paris
MODEL M-Series
YEAR 1946
BORE Large
MOUTHPIECE 3.36" x 1.06" x 1"
LIGATURE Diameter at Top: 1.03", Diameter at Bottom: 1.13", Length: 0.97"
BARREL Diameter at Top: 1.15", Diameter at Bottom: 1.23", Length: 2.51"
UPPER JOINT Diameter: 1.13" Length: 8.75"
LOWER JOINT Diameter: 1.13" Length: 10"
BELL Diameter at Top: 2.96", Diameter at Bottom: 1.28"
WEIGHT 1.72 lbs.