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Lyon & Healy Troubadour 33-String Lever Harp (USED)

Lyon & Healy Troubadour Lever Harp (USED)

Our Notes: This harp previously belonged to one of the teachers in our music school who recently moved across the country and had to leave her harp behind. It has some flaws which is why we're listing in it "Fair" condition, but one thing is for sure, it has a beautiful sound! Some of the issues we have noticed include: the base is separating from body, the neck is bowed and some of the levers do not reach the strings, the soundboard is bulging along the center line where the strings are held in place. Also included in the purchase is a full set of brand new harp strings. Because of the size and condition of the instrument it is available for local pick-up only. Serial Number: 1456-C.

In 1961, twenty-four Troubadour harps were made by Lyon & Healy and placed with teachers throughout the country on a trial basis and were enthusiastically welcomed throughout the harp community. Designed after the medieval harp, the Troubadour represented a breakthrough in lever harp design, as the instrument featured nearly ¾ the octave range of a full-size pedal harp, could accommodate a broader range of music and had “big harp” string spacing feel and response.  With its lower cost more people could be introduced to the harp through the Troubadour and prove their interest and talent.  This created a resurgence in interest in the harp and further development of the harp world. Well over 10,000 Troubadours have been built to date, as well as other lever models by Lyon & Healy.

Product Specs:

BRAND Lyon & Troubadour
MODEL D-193360
TYPE Lever Harp