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Chicago Blues Diatonic Harmonica, Nickel Plated

Key: G

Price:  $ 6.95 
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Key: C

Price:  $ 6.95 
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Key: A

Price:  $ 6.95 
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  • 10-Hole Harmonicas
  • Nickel Plated
  • Key of G: PP-KHCB G
  • Key of C: PP-KHCB C
  • Key of A: PP-KHCB A


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Chicago Blues Diatonic Harmonica, Nickel Plated

The Chicago Blues Harmonicas are quality 10 hole diatonic harmonicas with nickel plated covers, hand tuned brass reeds. Each Harmonica is electronically tested for accuracy ensuring the truest of tones

  • Available Keys: A, C, G
  • 10 Hole Diatonic Harmonica
  • Nickel Plated Covers
  • Hand Tuned Brass Reeds
  • Electronically Tested for Accuracy