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1973 Olds Ambassador Cornet w/Case & Mouthpiece

1973 Olds Ambassador Cornet, w/ Case & Mouthpiece

Our Notes: In good condition. All the slides, caps, and valves move freely and with ease. Features new key corks. It functions and plays at 100%. Marks against: there are several small dents in the horn. At one point someone did a sloppy solder job on the braces. Instrument serial number: 887372

The effortless action of the Ambassador Cornet will delight cornet players who will appreciate this instrument, styled and balanced on a continuous flow air column principle. The Olds hand-lapped nickel-silver, nickel-plated pistons assure the close fitting, full tone, and trouble-free valves characteristic of Olds instruments. Nickel silver trim is used on the braces and points of wear, and "three point bracing" gives additional sturdiness to the Ambassador Cornet.

Product Specs:

TYPE Cornet
BRAND Olds Ambassador
FEATURES Case & Mouthpiece