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Casio CDP-220RBK 88-Key Digital Piano (USED)

Manufacturer #:CDP-220RBK

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  • Casio
  • CDP-220RBK
  • 88-Key
  • Digital Piano
  • Scaled Hammer Action
  • Touch Response
  • Large Backlit LCD
  • USED Condition Very Good
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Casio CDP-220RBK 88-Key Digital Piano (USED)

Our Notes: This digital piano is in very good condition. We replaced the AC adapter port with a new one. The pitch bend wheel is slightly bent and making contact with the body of the piano but it is 100% functional.

Enhanced high-quality basic functions!

The Casio CDP-220RBK 88-Key Digital Piano is a scaled hammer action keyboard with improved sound quality and piano feel. Designed and engineered to help you sound your best, this model has undergone extensive upgrades to enable greater creativity, connectivity and control. This CDP-220RBK contemporary digital piano achieves realistic acoustic piano tones and touch plus all of the versatile functions made possible by digital technology. With the CDP-220RBK, Casio have created an affordable piano focusing on enhanced sound choice and extra digital functions.

Product Features:

Dual-element AHL sound source for exquisite tone quality

The dual-element system uses waveforms of separate samples of the same notes at strong and light key pressures

Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard for authentic grand piano feel

A spring-less hammer system that is similar to the one used by grand pianos provides a keyboard touch that is naturally firm. Lower notes play relatively heavier than higher notes, just like the keys on a grand piano.

Touch Response

Touch Response lets you add delicate nuances to notes by varying how much pressure you apply to keyboard keys.

Digital effects

Use effects to add reverb for more depth and breadth in your music.

Bass-reflex speaker system for richer sound

The built-in speakers produce a great quality sound!

Chord Book

You can use the Chord Book to look up chords you do not know how to play. You can hear what a chord sounds like and a simple operation even shows you inverted forms of the chord, making the Chord Book a valuable reference.

A wide selection of tones (700 high-quality tones)

A wide selection of musical instrument tones supports play of tunes from various genres.

200 rhythms and Auto Accompaniments for Latin music and other styles from around the world

An advanced Auto Accompaniment feature provides you with access to a large collection of ethnic rhythms from around the world, with a special emphasis on Latin rhythms. In addition to Bossa Nova, Samba, and other basic rhythms, you also get Cumbia, Reggaeton, Calypso, and more.

Rhythm Editor

10 user rhythms created by editing built-in rhythms

Pitch bend wheel

Rotate the wheel to slide the pitch of the sound being output upwards or downwards. This effect comes in handy when reproducing the sound of ethnic instruments, etc.

Music Preset

Selecting a Music Preset instantly changes the keyboard setup (tone, rhythm, tempo, etc.) so it is ideal for playing a specific song. The selection of setups covers a wide range of musical genres

Scale Editor

Change the scale (temperament) of the keyboard quickly and easily to suit Oriental music or certain types of classical music.

Musical Information Function (Large, Backlit LCD)

A wealth of information is displayed to support your keyboard play.

Versatile expandability

USB port for computer connection. SD memory card slot for easy data storage and portability. General MIDI (GM Level 1) support allows connection with a computer or another GM-compatible device.

More powerful features and functions

Recorder for composing and play. Registration for storage of keyboard setups and instant recall when you need them. One Touch Preset automatically sets up the keyboard to match the currently selected rhythm. Auto Harmonize adds appropriate harmony notes to your melody automatically. Arpeggiator simplifies arpeggio play.

Step Up Lesson

To master a song, it is best to break it up into short phrases, master each of the phrases, and then put everything together. Step Up Lesson does exactly that, providing you with the support you need to improve your play.

Performance Evaluation

Your lesson score appears on the display screen.

Voice Fingering Guide

If the keyboard senses you are having problems, it will help you by calling out finger numbers in a simulated human voice.

152 Song Bank tunes

Built-in songs cover a wide range of genres for lesson play and for your listening enjoyment.

Song Expansion

You can load songs from external sources and use them for listening, play along, or even lessons.

Sampling function

You can sample a sound from a microphone and then play the sound on the keyboard. You also can use sampled sounds to compose music. The sampling feature is a great way to create new sounds that are highly creative.


Connect a digital audio player, CD player, or other audio device and you can play along with music played through the keyboard's speakers. Sing along with built-in songs or songs loaded from outside sources.

Product Specs:

KEYBOARD 88-keys, Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard
TOUCH RESPONSE 3 sensitivity levels, Off
TONES 700 built-in tones
LAYER/SPLIT Layer, Sprit
DIGITAL EFFECTS Reverb (10 types), Chorus (5 types)
RHYTHMS/PATTERNS 200 built-in rhythms (10 user rhythms)
AUTO ACCOMPANIMENT Modes: CASIO Chord, Fingered 1, Fingered 2 (6th off), Fingered 3 (on bass), Full Range Chord
Controllers: Start/Stop, Intro, Normal/Fill-in, Variation/Fill-in, Synchro/Ending
BUILT-IN SONGS 152 (Song Bank)
SONG EXPANSION 10 songs maximum (up to 320KB total)
Lesson Part select
Performance evaluation
Voice fingering guide
(Lesson part : right hand, left hand, both hands)
METRONOME Beats: 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Tempo range: quarter note = 30 to 255)
RECORDER 6 tracks x 5 songs (performance recording), 1 song (lesson recording), approximately 12,000 notes total, real-time recording/playback
SAMPLING FUNCTION Maximum sampling capacity: :Up to 8 sounds
Maximum total sampling time: :Up to 10 seconds
Sampling sound input: MIC IN / SAMPLING jack
OTHER FUNCTIONS Rhythm Editor (10 user rhythms)
Registration: 32 setups (4 sets x 8 banks)
Music Preset: 305 presets
One Touch Preset: 200 sets
Auto Harmonize: 12 types
Arpeggiator: 90 types
Preset Scale: (Equal temperament + 16 types)
Octave Shift: ±2 octaves
Music Challenge
Rhythm/Song controller
Pitch Bend wheel : 0 to 12 semitones
Piano/Organ button
Chord Book
KEY TRANSPOSE 25 steps (-12 to +12 semitones)
TUNING CONTROL A4 = 415.5 to 465.9 Hz (Initial Default: 440.0 Hz)
PEDALS Standard jack (sustain, sostenuto, soft, rhythm)
DISPLAY SCREEN LCD with backlight
SD MEMORY CARD SLOT Supported SD memory card capacities: SD or SDHC memory card, Up to 32GB, SMF (Format 0/1)* , CASIO format song playback, recorded song/CASIO format song/sampled sound/user rhythm/user scale/registration save/load, recorded song SMF format save, card format, file delete
* Supports SMF Format 0 or Format 1 only for playback.
MIDI GM Compatibility: Level1
Terminals: USB
SPEAKERS [12cm/6cm (oval)] x 2, bass-reflex system
USB: type B*
* USB cable (A-B type) required to use USB terminal for computer connection.
DIMENSIONS (W x D x H) 52" x 11.2" x 5"
WEIGHT 26.46 lbs.
EAN CODE 4971850361671