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Performance Plus Professional Latin Style Cowbell, 6" or 7"

Length: 6"

Price:  $ 14.99 
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Length: 7"

Price:  $ 17.99 
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  • Super Clean Sounding Black and Silver Hammered Steel Latin Cowbell
  • Includes Thumb Screw Holder Clamp
  • Welded Seams, Tempered Steel with Wing Screw Clamp-On Holders
  • Made for Performance Plus by Pearl
  • 6" Professional Quality, Superior Sound Without Ringing Overtones!

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Performance Plus Latin Style Black and Black & Silver Cowbells. Sharp and crisp sound that dampens quickly without overtones often found in cheaper cowbells. Each is hand welded with a convenient wing screw clamping mechanism holds tight to 3/8"-diameter mounting rods for secure placement on drum sets or percussion setups. Good loud cowbell sound without the over rings found on most cheaper cowbells Right sound and style for players. Mounts on cowbell clamp with a convenient wing screw clamping mechanism 3 sizes available- Small , Medium and Large. Each has a low pitched bell with rich sound with quick dampening overtones. These are clapperless cowbells made of high grade steel are used in Latin-American and go-go music. These cowbells are struck with a stick Ð the tone being modulated by striking different parts of the bell. Available 3 different sizes (5", 6" and 7') at a price that is affordable.