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Rock Guitar - Begginer to Intermediate by Peter Vogl

      The Rock Guitar book is an instruction course designed specifically to trach beginning to intermediate rock guitar techniques and can be used with or without a teacher. It contains all of the information in the Introduction to Rock Guitar DVD as well as additional information. Many illustrations are included to make this easy to understand. All songs are written in both standard music notation and tablature, resulting in the student being able to use other instruction books upon completion of the course. Much time is spent showing techniques and exercises to help the student establish a firm foundation and background so necessary in learning to play any instrument. 
      The audio CD that accompanies this book enables the student ot hear the proper accent, tone, and rhythm for all the songs and exercises in this book & is invaluable in developing good timing.

The Rock Guitar Book with CD is one of two follow-up courses to the Electric Guitar Primer. The other is the Blues Guitar Book with CD and Introduction to Blues Guitar DVD. These courses are available at your local music store.