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Jump Right In, Alto Saxophone Book 1

A revision of this beginning band series makes Jump Right In easier to use and more musical than ever before!

Includes free, high-quality MP3 downloads of folk songs that:

Comprise many styles, tonalities, and meters
Span many cultures and many centuries
Are ideal for listening and playing along
Features performances by some of the world’s greatest performers:

Artist faculty members from Eastman School of Music
Members of Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
Rhythm and Brass
Helps develop musicianship beyond instrumental classroom with:

Progress from sound to sight in logical, common sense sequence
Opportunities for improvisation from early stages of instruction
Tools to help students learn to read and write with better comprehension
Arrangements of familiar songs in each book
Sequential and proven materials are:

Designed specifically to attend to individual differences
Based on current experimental and practical research
Based on the music learning theories of Edwin E. Gordon
Relevant to National Standards and include suggestions for measurement and evaluation
Extensive Teacher’s Guide:

Contains lesson plans
Includes teaching procedures
May be used independently or in conjunction with Jump Right In: The Music Curriculum and Developing Musicianship through Improvisation