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Vintage Peavey EDI Equalized Direct Interface Direct Box XLRM to Two 1/4" Female (USED)

Vintage Peavey EDI Equalized Direct Interface Direct Box XLRM to Two 1/4" Female (USED)

Our Notes: In good condition. Fully tested, fully functional.

The EDI is a different approach to taking instruments direct into a sound reinforcement or studio mixing console. This equalized direct system will solve many problems usually associated with tonality when instruments are fed directly into large sound systems. Most “direct” box-type units are designed to work with the instrument’s signal, before the amplifier or with a line output from the preamp. The main problem with this concept is that the tone coloration, which is generated by the power amp/speaker system, is totally bypassed, and the “direct” hook-up yields an electronically “dry” tonality.

We have designed the EDI with a different concept to help the sound engineer/musician cope with these problems. The EDI works at the power amp output stage just before the speaker, and has been equalized to closely duplicate an average tonal response of the most respected guitar-type loudspeaker currently available today. Duplicating an average tonality of several speakers seems like quite a task from the customer’s viewpoint, but it actually wasn’t very difficult, because most guitartype speakers exhibit frequency response curves that are very similar.

The EDI takes this similarity into consideration and allows the mix engineer to more closely duplicate the guitarist’s tonality without drastic equalization at the mixer. In fact, during the test period of preproduction with the equalized direct system (EDI), we found that with the EDI the overall sound is closer to what the audience is receiving from an amplifier on stage as opposed to miking the amp in the conventional manner

Concerts today are often at such extreme sound pressure levels that amplifiers (and all instruments, for that matter,) must be close-miked to eliminate bleed-over problems. Close-miking techniques are unfair to the instruments because the “near field” response yields high distortion and doesn’t give the true “cross-section” of tonality that a person would receive 30 feet from the amp/speaker. It is also obvious to most sound engineers/musicians that taking instrument amps direct drastically reduces “bleed-over” problems because less “live” mics are in use.

The EDI also includes an adjustment for timbre (harmonic balance), which helps even further to closely duplicate the tonality produced approximately 30 feet in front of the amplifier. This system has a 600 Ohm transformer balanced output which is designed for long, “snake” cable runs and the input and output grounds have been floated.

Product Specs:

DRAIN ON SPEAKER SIGNAL Less than 1/2 Watts at 30 Volts RMS
GROUND SITUATION Input and output ground isolated
600 Ohm transformed balanced output 1/4" phone jack speaker/amp connection
DIMENSIONS (W x H x D) 4.5" x 1.5" x 2.25"
WEIGHT 0.88 lbs.