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Telos ONE Digital Hybrid Telephone Interface, Modem Case Version (USED)

Manufacturer #:ONE

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  • Telos
  • ONE
  • Digital Hybrid Telephone Interface
  • Modem Case Version
  • USED Condition: Excellent

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Telos ONE Digital Hybrid Telephone Interface, Modem Case Version (USED)

Our Notes: This telephone interface is missing its power supply (9V DC, 500ma).

This compact, modem-case device presents superb digital telephone hybrid performance for broadcast, teleconferencing, and communications applications. Proven Telos processing technologies perform all hybrid functions, gain control, and filtering completely in the digital domain. The use of intelligent software, rather than complex hardware, makes the Telos ONE very affordable while ensuring consistently superior performance regardless of telephone line characteristics.

Fast, precise automatic digital nulling allows smooth, natural, simultaneous conversation without speakerphone up-cutting effect, voice distortion, or level-matching problems.

Product Specs:

SYSTEM True digital
   Second generation Texas Instruments TMS320C25 processor.
   8kHz sampling rate
   Internal digital input and output gain processing, filtering
TRANS-HYBRID LOSS  >40dB with pink noise or voice as test input
   All dynamic enhancement processing is switched off.
   With the override and output expander functions switched in, trans-hybrid loss is enhanced to >50dB.
SEND LEVEL TO PHONE LINE    -10dBm average level
   Maintained by internal digital AGC
NOISE AND DISTORTION (CALLER TO OUTPUT)   Distortion: Typical 0.4% THD+N, measured @ 1kHz at any level from -48dBm to -8dBm
   Signal-to-Noise: >72dB referenced to 0dBm phone level
SEND AUDIO INPUT    XLR female connector. Active balanced
   Accommodates -24dBm to + 12dBm levels in LINE mode; -68dBm to -35dBm in MIC mode.
   Front panel screwdriver level adjustment
CALLER AUDIO OUTPUT    XLR male connector. Active differential.
   Output levels to +14dBm depending upon caller telephone line level and adjustment of front panel level adjust.
   Drives 600 Ω.
AUX/MIX OUTPUT  XLR male connector. Active differential
   In AUX mode, this output is an isolated second output.
   In MIX mode, this is a combined send and caller output.
   Input to Mix output: Unity gain.