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Mackie CR1604 16-Channel Mic / Line Mixer (USED)


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  • Mackie
  • CR1604
  • Mic / Line Mixer
  • 16-Channel
  • 3-band EQ
  • USED Condition: Very Good
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Mackie CR1604 16-Channel Mic / Line Mixer (USED)

Our Notes: This mixer is in very good condition. We've tested it and it functions at 100%. There is some crackling when you adjust the knobs and sliders indicating that it could use a cleaning with deoxidizer. Sold as-is.

The r CR-1604 16-channel mic/line mixer has proven itself to be rugged, versatile and quiet in a wide range of applications. It is currently in use in highquality church, school and commercial installations, broadcasting studios, video post suites and large recording studios. The CR-1604’s durability has also made it a favorite of touring systems and rental houses.

Product Features:

  • 7 AUX sends per channel via 4 knobs
  • 4 stereo (8 mono) AUX returns
  • 6 studio-quality mic preamps with –129.5dBm E.I.N.
  • Bal/unbal main outputs
  • 3-band EQ at musical points
  • Stereo in-place solo
  • Constant power pan pots
  • Individual channel signal metering via solo function
  • UnityPlus gain structure
  • Alternate 3/4 bus
  • Built-in power supply
  • BNC lamp connector & internal power supply
  • Steel main chassis
  • Gold-plated internal interconnects


While the CR-1604’s overall sound, specifications and features are in themselves outstanding, it is also unique because it’s part of a six-component system. The CR-1604 may be physically configured in a variety of ways. Ten extra mic inputs can be added. Up to three CR-1604s can be combined with no loss of inputs and full use of combined headphone and AUX outputs. And it can be automated with full-fader and muting of all inputs, four AUX returns, ALT 3/4 bus and main outputs. No other compact mixer on the market offers this range of problem-solving possibilities. Our imitators are also hard-pressed to match Mackie’s proven track record of reliability and product support.


The 1604 is a built-like a-tank, professional tool designed for non-stop, 24-hour-a-day professional duty. In church, school and business sound systems. In TV and radio stations and post-editing suites. Any job where nothing must ever go wrong. This isn’t just a hollow claim. It’s backed up by how we’ve built this mixer. For example, the CR-1604 uses sealed controls rather than open frame, second-generation potentiometers that eventually deteriorate from airborne contamination. The mixer has a steel chassis, rugged double-sided, through-hole-plated fiberglass circuit boards, built-in power supply (instead of a “wall wart”), BNC lamp power connector— even parallel-wired dual faders for two times redundancy. The CR-1604’s inputs and outputs are protected against power surges, static discharges and even impedance mismatches. And the mixer also has exceptional protection from RF interference. Other compact mixers use plastic washers to secure 1/4” jacks to the chassis. Grounding is done internally to a circuit board trace. This means that RF can enter the mixer and propagate throughout the circuitry. The CR-1604 uses metal lockwashers to make electrical contact between jack and outer chassis. Internally, a shunting capacitor is placed across the inputs, routing RF back through the metal chassis where it is dissipated before it can propagate via CR-1604 circuit boards. You can literally operate a 1604 under a transmitter tower without RF interference*! No Mackie “clone” can make that claim.


In terms of specs and features, it’s quite understandable why the CR-1604 has redefined small mixers. It put an end to the classic trade-off of “low noise OR high headroom, but not both.” In fact, numerous major-label CDs have been mastered on 1604s. The CR-1604 is also regularly used for TV scoring (The Simpsons, Night Shade, Beverly Hills 90210, and many others) and live TV show music mixing (Arsenio Hall, Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live). LucasFilm’s Skywalker Ranch uses over twenty of them on a daily basis. As does a very famous theme park. One explanation is the CR-1604’s specifications. Real world specs that we invite you to confirm on your test bench. You’ll find that the CR-1604 delivers 90dB working S/N and 108dB dynamic range. In the field, this translates into two times more headroom than old-style mixers — where it counts in the critical mix amp stage. Instead of afterthought XLRs stuck on the back, we provide real phantom-powered mic inputs with discrete, balanced microphone preamps as good as large consoles. Four conjugate-pair transistors with large-emitter geometry reduce distortion at all levels, while delivering extremely low noise (our published spec of –129.5dBm @150 ohms is real and verifiable) and ultra-wide, 10Hz– 300kHz bandwidth.


Constant-power pan pots maintain consistent acoustic power while panning center to side. In-place stereo solo maintains stereo perspective when the user solos a channel — and the same button provides individual channel metering! An additional ALT 3/4 Bus provides an extra stereo output mix for broadcast or recording. AUX sends provide an extra 15dB of gain above unity to maximize effects at low volume levels, allowing you to monitor selected channels without having to give up send capabilities on other channels. Equalization is at 80Hz, 2.5kHz and 12kHz… points that prove to be more musically useful than those used by most compact mixers. The ultimate proof that the CR-1604 stands above other compact mixers is the sheer number that are being installed every day. Join the growing roster of system designers and contractors who are specifying the CR-1604 on the basis of its features, sound, and — above all — its undisputable, rock-solid reliability.

Product Specs:

DISTORTION less than 0.025%, 20Hz-20kHz
MIC E.I.N. –129.5 dBm, 150-ohm source
–131.2 dBv,150-ohm source
–131.5 dBm, input shorted
–133.7 dBv, input shorted
WORKING S/N RATIO 90 dBu (ref: +4 dBu)
MAX OUTPUT +28 dBu main output bal.
+22 dBu all outputs unbal.
MAX GAIN Mic: 50 dB
Lines 1-6: 40 dB
Lines 7-16: 25 dB
Mic in to balanced line out: 86dB
Mic in to unbalanced line out: 80dB
Channel faders 1-16: 20 dB
AUX return: 20 dB
L/R master: 10 dB
EQUALIZATION Hi: Shelving, ±15 dB @ 12kHz
Mid: Peaking, ±12dB @ 2.5kHz
Lo: Shelving, ±15 dB @ 80Hz
DIMENSIONS 16.1" x 17.34" x 5.9"
WEIGHT 18 lbs.