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Electro-Voice The Entertainer 100S Passive Speaker (USED)

Electro-Voice The Entertainer 100S Passive Speaker (USED)

Our Notes: These classic speakers are in good condition. The plastic shell and the grill have some scratches and light wear from regular use. The speakers themselves have been tested and function 100%.

The Super-Dome tweeter of the 100s features constant directivity, a concept brought to loudspeaker design by EV. With constant directivity, dispersion of sound is uniform at all critical frequencies. In other words, the sound of the 100S is smooth, clean, and free of the distortion that hampers conventional portable systems.

An optimally vented cabinet design further enhances sound quality by producing a flat, uniform frequency response throughout an 80-to-18,000 -Hz range. Highly efficient, the 100S puts out plenty of room-filling sound with only modest power input.

All of this wonderful performance is well protected. The woofer is covered by a tough metal grille. And the tweeter is recessed into the system enclosure, then shielded with both wire mesh and an acoustically transparent foam insert.

Stand-mount fittings integrated into each cabinet allow easy placement on stands; they can also be stacked or permanently mounted. Weighing in at only 28 lbs. and with a durable handle positioned at the speaker's center of gravity, the 100S is versatile, well-balanced and very portable.

Product Features:

One-Piece Plastic Cabinet

The 100S speaker features a one-piece plastic cabinet utilizing specially developed molding techniques never before applied to speaker enclosures. This construction yields a wall thickness similar to wood cabinets, a rigid structure that is virtually indestructible and a finish that is imperious to nearly all chamicals. The small size (occupies less than 1.6 cu. ft.), lightweight (28 lbs.) and convenient shape make it ideal for carrying, setup & storing. The cabinet also features molded-in inserts to allow vertical or horizontal mounting and a convenient recessed luggage-type handle for easy carrying.

Electro-Voice Super-Dome Tweeter

The Model 100S employs a version of the Electro-Voice Super-Dome tweeter. This tweeter is a proven high-power design capable of handling 25 watts of input power (most tweeter operate in the 5-watt range). The small, environmentally resistant diaphragm and 1.6 lb magnetic structure produce high efficiency and extended high-end response. The Super-Dome tweeter is coupled to a high frequency "director" that is molded as an integral part of the cabinet. The unique coupling of a direct radiator to a directivity controlling device duplicates the performance of a constant-directivity horn with much of the efficiency advantage retained.

Low-Frequency Section

The low-frequency section is a durable 12" direct radiator woofer with a 10-pound magnet assembly for high efficiency. A special cone material used in the woofer is resistant to difficult environmental conditions such as heat and dampness. It is physically protected by a tough metal screen that can be removed and rotated for properly oriented graphics. The high excursion capability and long overhung coil provide low distortion in the vented enclosure. The vented design is 10,000 Hz. This special characteristic means uniform and dependable audience coverage without "hot spots" or dead zones at certain frequencies. By combining constant directivity and flat frequency response, the 100S system delivers flat power response and uniform sound coverage throughout the audience in the critical midrange (4 octaves). This is an important and extraordinary feature of the Entertainer system, previously only available in high cost component or permanently installed systems.

Product Specs:

SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL 96 dB (1 meter, 1 watt in)
INPUTS & OUTPUTS Parallel 1/4-inch Phone Jacks
DIMENSION (H x W x D) 24" x 15" x 8.5"
WEIGHT 28 lbs.