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Dean Markley RM-40-DR Combo Guitar Amp (USED)

Dean Markley RM-40-DR Combo Guitar Amp (USED)

Our Notes: In very good condition. Some of the knobs are dirty & scratchy. We've tested & it functions at 100%. The cabinet has some light scratches & nicks but overall in very good shape. Sounds great & warm!

The first in a long line of innovative amplifiers produced by Dean Markley, the versatile RM-40-DR incorporates active tone controls w/ switchable overdive, A unique tube driven preamplifier creates any desired sound from warm tube distortion to a crystal clear, fat rhythm with a touch of the silent footswitch. Unique pre-amp circuitry automatically adjusts the overall equalization curve for optimum perormance in either the distortion or clean modes.

Dean Markley RM-40-DR features channel switching, 4-bands of active equalization, reverb, separate volume & drive controls. It also features effects loop, pre-amp out, power amp in, multiple speaker outputs, AC outlet, AC protection fuse, reverb/channel footswitch w/ LED indicator, standby switch & ground switch. It's also equipped with a specially designed 8ohm, 125 Watts, 10" Magnum speaker.

Product Features:

  • Channel Switching from FET Amplifier or Tube Driven Preamp.
  • 4-bands of Active Equalization (Bass, Midrange, Treble & Presence)
  • Reverb Control
  • Master & Preamp Control
  • Specially Designed 10" Magnum Speaker
  • Effects Loop
  • Preamp Out & Power Amp In

Product Specs:

INPUT CONNECTOR Standard 1/4" Jack
TONE CONTROLS Active Controls for 15 dB Cut or Boost, Bass & Presence - Shelving Type Controls Mid-Range & Treble
AC OUTLET 500 Watts Max
SPEAKER Magnum, 10"
DIMENSIONS 20.5 x 18.5 x 11.25"
WEIGHT 46.48 lbs.