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Carvin SLP 5600 S/L Series Power Supply (USED)

Carvin SLP 5600 S/L Series Power Supply (USED)

Our Notes: This power supply is in excellent condition. There are a few scruffs on the casing.

The SL series mixers use the SLP5600 external power supply. The SLP5600 power supply is a two space rack mountable power supply which provides the required DC voltages for the SL series mixers.

Product Features:

Power Requirements

It is best to supply the SLP5600 with its own dedicated circuit. This reduces possible loss of power to the console if other circuit breakers are over loaded and tripped. The SLP5600 is supplied with a 6 AMP circuit breaker located on the rear panel. Should this breaker trip, turn off the power switch on the front panel and press in the black andwhite tab on the breaker. The circuit breaker is a thermal metal breaker, so it may not turn on immediately after trip-ping. Continue pressing every few seconds until the breaker latches. Now turn on the power again, if the breaker trips again, check for the proper cable connections.

Safety Ground

The SLP5600 is supplied with a third wire safety ground connected to the power cord. This should never be defeated. Along with providing the best grounding for the console, the safety ground prevents the possibility of electrical shock if a live wire comes into contact with the chassis. If grounds need to be lifted due to ground loop noises, only lift grounds on signal cables not on the AC power cords.

Mixer Connection

The Speakon™ power connector is used to bring the DC power into the console from the 2 rack space SLP5600 power supply. A standard 4 wire Speakon™ cable is required. The Speakon™ connector is a twist and lock system providing a secure connection at all times.

Fan Cooling

The SLP5600 is internally fan cooled. The fan cooling system automatically turns on when needed for cooling. On the larger consoles this fan system may remain on con-tinuously for maximum cooling and uninterrupted operation.

Power Indication

There are three forms of indication that the power supply is on and functioning nor-mally. First is the lighted power switch which lights when turned on. Second is the green LED in the master section of the mixer labeled “power” which indicates the mixer is being supplied with the proper voltages. Third is the internal power supply LEDs which can be seen through the front panel vent holes. These LEDs are Red for ±18V, Green for +48V and Yellow for the fan on mode.

Product Specs:

BRAND Carvin
AC INPUT Power required: 300 VA Maximum of 3 Amps 120 VAC
DC OUTPUT +48 Volt .5 Amps
+18 Volt 3 Amps
- 18 Volt 3 Amps
DIMENSIONS 17 x 10 x 3.5"
WEIGHT 19.4875 lbs.