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Peavey Solo Series Special 130 1x12 Guitar Combo Amplifier (USED)

Peavey Solo Series Special 130 1x12 Guitar Combo Amplifier (USED)

From Peavey's Operating Guide:

The Special incorporates the features needed to reproduce the complex tonalities and dynamics necessary for today's guitarists. Our intensive Research and Development program has recently yielded several significant and, we feel, pivotal breakthroughs in amplification of the electric guitar. For many years, both guitarists and instrument amp manufacturers have diligently sought to reproduce the warm. "saturating" characteristic of vacuum tubes with solid-state equipment. Our innovative new Special features a new effect that we call "SATURATION"," which produces the kind of gain compression/expansion that has previously been obtainable only with a select few extremely high gain, relatively powerful tube-type amps. In the past, many companies have attempted to reproduce the much sought after characteristics of vacuum tubes by using field effect transistors, MOS FETS, Interstage transformers, series gain stages, etc. The results were usually loud but did not accomplish the goal. We feel our new SATURATION circuit gives the necessary dynamic characteristics, harmonic texture, and compression/expansion so eagerly sought after by contemporary musicians.

To complement the Special's sophisticated circuitry, we have included the latest generation three-band passive tone network and further enhanced the equalization with active presence circuitry capable of yielding a substantial boost or cut. This unique presence equalization is located at the proper point in the circuitry to allow incremental control over the extreme highs.....even when playing in the distortion mode.

The combination of the input dynamics, "SATURATION effect, and the extremely effective equalization circuitry enables the Special" to quite literally simulate almost any guitar sound available from any amp, old or new. The Special also features a second normal channel that is footswitch selectable and incorporates our unique AUTOMIXT" switching circuitry now being copied by so many of Peavey's competitors.

In addition to the above, a full range reverb has been included utilizing a current source drive circuit for optimized damping and maximum performance from the reverb delay line. The Special's rugged power amplifier is capable of delivering more than 120W RMS and all of its operating parameters, circuitry and components have been carefully matched and designed in conjunction with its internal 12" SCORPION speaker. We have utilized the total system approach for precisely matching and balancing each component even down to the internal tooling for the loudspeaker cone itself in order to achieve the exact and vital interplay so necessary in achieving the level of performance produced by this unit. The ruggedly constructed 3/4" cabinet is covered with a tough 34 oz. vinyl which has proven to be unmatched for roadability and durability.