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Hearos 5210 NRR-32 Ultimate Softness Ear Plugs, 14 Pair

Hearos 5210 NRR-32 Ultimate Softness Ear Plugs, 14 Pair


Ear plugs. Such a straight forward product, right? Who would have thought that such a simple molded piece of polyurethane foam could be so vital for protecting ones hearing to improving quality of life with impactful noise reducing characteristics for sleeping, studying and traveling to name just a few of the doctor recommended uses.

With the HEAROS Ultimate Softness Series Foam Ear Plugs, you can experience the highest levels of protection, comfort, fit and ease of insertion of any foam ear plug available. Upon touching the extraordinary softness of these foam ear plugs you will immediately recognize the premium nature of the product. Thanks to HEAROS proprietary foam formulation these ear plugs roll down and “slowly recover” giving you plenty of time to properly position them in your ears.

Product Features:

  • Silky smooth, super soft proprietary formulation of polyurethane foam for an ultra premium user experience
  • Popular tapered shape with flat back
  • Beige color for inconspicuous wear
  • Easy to insert and use
  • Comfortable roll down slow recovery foam gives user time to properly insert ear plugs and achieve the best, most comfortable fit every time
  • Certified hearing protection – Noise Reduction Rating 32 decibels
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Disposable and recommended to be discarded as soon as dirt or wax accumulates on the ear plugs.
  • Perfect for all of your hearing protection needs such as concerts & loud events.

Product Specs:

MATERIAL Polyurethane Foam
SHAPE Tapered, Flat Back