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HAZ Laboratories MU-TRON III+ Envelope Controlled Filter (USED)

Manufacturer #:Mu-Tron III+

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  • HAZ Laboratories
  • Mu-Tron III+
  • Envelope Controlled Filter
  • USED Condition: Very Good

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HAZ Laboratories MU-TRON III+ Envelope Controlled Filter (USED)

Our Notes: This pedal is in very good condition. The depth potentiometer shaft is slightly bent but fully functional. Includes Mooer Shroom Footswitch Topper. Power supply not included.

MU-TRON III+® translates the envelope or “volume profile” of every musical passage, …automatically… into an easily-controlled, vowel-like sound, as you play.

Use MU-TRON III+® to create a variety of synthesizer sounds with most electrified instruments: guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, flute, saxophone, brasses, …. even microphone.

The sharper your attack and the more percussive your instrument, the wilder your sound will be.

Besides providing that inverted “snap” (perfect for funky bass), MU-TRON III+®also functions as an automatic “wah” pedal. Full instructions are included, but you decide how far you want to go.

Product Specs:

INPUT 1/4″ gold-plated phone jack.
OUTPUT 1/4″ gold-plated phone jack.
DC POWER Jack for H•A•Z Model PS-1 power supply.
POWER On-off switch.
LOW BATTERY/SWEEP INDICATOR Monitors the batteries’ condition and aids in setting the depth control.
RANGE SWITCH Emphasizes high or low frequencies.
DRIVE SWITCH Shifts the filter up or down for two totally different effects.
MODE SWITCH High-pass, band-pass, low-pass or notch filter characteristics, for accentuating different regions of audio band, allowing four distinct tonal images.
DEPTH CONTROL A sensitivity control for optimum operation from any musical source.
PEAK CONTROL For varying filter “sharpness” from a subtle accentuation through a distinct vowel sound to high resolution filtering that “plays” individual overtones.
BYPASS FOOT-SWITCH A true, passive bypass switch for routing the audio signal around the effect.
DIP-SWITCHES (INTERNAL) Permit you to customize your MU-TRON III+® to highlight your instrument and playing style. Two switches tailor the high and low frequency ranges. Three switches control the way the MU-TRON III+® follows the dynamics of your instrument. The last switch allows the Low battery L.E.D. to double as a sweep limit indicator.
INPUT IMPEDANCE Greater than 60K ohms (20 – 20 kHz).
OUTPUT IMPEDANCE Less than 2.6K ohms (20 – 20 kHz).
POWER SUPPLY 2 9-Volt batteries (not included) and/or optional power supply (H•A•Z Model PS-1, for operation from 120 VAC 60 Hz)
WEIGHT 3.25 lbs. without batteries.
DIMENSIONS 9″ long X 5″ wide X 3.125″ high.
COMPONENTS Gold-plated stereo 1/4″ jacks, 1% metal-film resistors, state of the art surface mount technology for highest reliability.
CONSTRUCTION Heavy-gage steel bottom with baked-on industrial enamel finish. Heavy-gage aluminum front panel.
QUALITY CONTROL Each unit is calibrated, 100% tested, and played.