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Aquila Silver Rumbler U-Bass Strings

Aquila Silver Rumbler U-Bass Strings

These Aquila Silver Rumbler Strings have been engineered specifically for the Kala U•BASS® using Aquila's patented technology and formulas. Their special Nylgut compound includes calcium carbonate that gives the strings increased density, stability, and the ability to resonate tone at very low frequencies. They have clear tone and a low-end that lives up to the name.

*For use on Round Wound U•BASS® setups, the instrument will need a new, compatible nut to accommodate these strings. A nut swap should be performed by an experienced instrument technician.

Product Features:

  • Fits all rubber-stringed Kala U•BASS® Instruments*
  • Silver/Gray 4-string Set
  • For EADG tuning
  • Original string set on Rumbler U•BASS® models
  • Regular Tension
  • Suitable for 20“ - 21" Scale
  • Manufactured from a Proprietary Nylgut Mixture
  • Made by Aquila in Italy