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Hearos Earplugs Rock 'n Roll Series with Free Case, 1-Pair


The HEAROS Rock’N Roll Series Series are in black and accented by the red star insert.

Since 1992, the HEAROS brand has been a trusted name in hearing protection and noise reduction.  HEAROS has sold more than 400 million pairs of ear plugs since its introduction as has been enjoyed by users of all ages for a variety of needs.


Since 1996, the HEAROS Rock’N Roll Series has been an international best seller in the music community because it provides performance, comfort, control and protection to musician’s most valuable asset…their hearing.  It’s ideal for all musicians, concert goers and those that frequent loud clubs as well as bars.  This economically priced ear plug offers a certified Noise Reduction Rating of 27 decibels which is among the highest of any reusable ear plug.  The HEAROS Rock’N Roll Series design is unique and incorporates the best of both worlds in reusable ear plugs with its soft 2 dome and 2 flat disk flanges.  Additionally, from a value standpoint, because it’s washable and reusable, with proper care, users can enjoy each package for extended periods of time.  While the product has been embraced by musicians for more than 2 decades, we should recognize that for those interested in general hearing protection and noise reduction, the HEAROS Rock’N Roll Series is a fantastic general use ear plug.  Each package of HEAROS Rock’N Roll Series comes with the popular HEAROS Pop case so you will always have your HEAROS either in your pocket, case or bag.

When you use the HEAROS Rock’N Roll Series for the first time you will immediately recognize the ear plug’s extraordinary comfort and control.  While other reusables can feel hard and uncomfortable, the HEAROS Rock’N Roll Series super soft 4 flange design are easy on the ears and can be worn for long durations without irritation.  Furthermore, the level of control that the product provides for insertion and removal is due to ingenious HEAROS engineers building easy grips on the stem and an attractive translucent “red star insert”.  While people love the look of the red star insert, you ought to know that it has definitive purpose.  Our engineers discovered that by securing the red star insert into the core of the ear plug, the user had more control when guiding the ear plug into position as well as accomplishing the best fit possible.

As mentioned above, the HEAROS Rock’N Roll Series has a certified Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 27 decibels.  So what does that mean to you?  In simple terms, like the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of sun tan lotions, where the higher the number, the better the protection, the Noise Reduction Rating provides an indicator of the level of protection one can reasonably expect to derive when wearing an ear plug properly.  Plainly stated, the higher the NRR, the higher the protection.  Considering that disposable ear plugs have a range of protection between NRR 29 and 33, we’re proud that our reusable achieved a rating of 27 decibels.

While we can describe online why the HEAROS Rock’N Roll Series is a qualified hearing protection product, it goes without saying that experiencing the ear plug first hand is mission critical.  Once you insert the product in both ears you will notice the product “works” and feels terrific.   Utilizing the enhanced stem with the red star insert, you’ll be able to accomplish the perfect fit.  So whether you’re using the HEAROS Rock’N Roll Series for enjoying concerts, jam sessions or checking out a cool band at your favorite bar, you can have trust and confidence that you’re using phenomenal musicians ear plugs.