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Zildjian A Series Sweet Ride Cymbal 21" (USED)

Manufacturer #:A0079

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  • Zildjian
  • A Series
  • Sweet Ride
  • 21"
  • Traditional Finish
  • Weight: 2580g
  • USED Condition: Mint

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Zildjian A Series Sweet Ride Cymbal 21" (USED)

The 21" Sweet Ride is a beautiful, all-purpose ride with colorful medium overtones. This is one of the most popular Rides in the world, played by a who's who of drummers across a variety of musical genres.

Our Notes: This cymbal was returned to us by a customer who ordered it by mistake. It was played very little. Aside from a couple finger marks and some stick marks from this one-time play, the cymbal is like new. It weighs 2,850g (with sticker).

Product Features:

  • Traditional Finish
  • Long Sustain
  • Medium Thin Weight
  • Mid Sound
  • Loud Volume
Sustain & Sound Chart

Product Specs:

FINISH Traditional
WEIGHT 2,850g - Medium Thin
SERIES Zildjian A Series
SIZE 21"