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Our experienced staff are equipped to handle basic repairs, restrings, and part replacements for most stringed instruments with typically a one day turnaround.

For more intensive work such as repairing broken necks, headstocks, and cracked bodies, we send instruments to our luthier. Arthur has been handling our stringed instrument repairs for 30 years. From simple set-ups to major repairs, he can get your instrument playing properly again.

Estimated Turn-Around Time for Stringed Instrument Repair Work

*Please account for additional time needed to acquire replacement parts and hardware, depending on the nature of the required work.

Work-TypeTurn-Around Time
Basic (Restring, Hardware Replacement, etc.) 24 - 48 Hours
Moderate (Set-Ups, Electronics Repairs, etc.) Up to One Week
Intensive (Mend Cracks, Reglue/Fit New Bridge, etc.) One to Two Weeks

Acoustic Guitar Repairs