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We believe... has the power to change people’s lives for the better.

Learning how to play music opens doors to new experiences, presents opportunities for growth, and unlocks ways to express yourself creatively.

Through music you create new connections with people, languages, and cultures - not to mention new connections in your brain!

Your journey...
...through the world of music all starts with a solid foundation developed with guidance from an experienced professional in an environment that is supportive, safe, and fun.

At Centre Music House...
...we match students of all ages and skill levels with professional instructors who provide you with a path to learning that is custom tailored to meet your skill level and goals.

One-on-One Instruction

30, 45, or 60 minute lessons

In-Person & Virtual

All Ages, 5 and Up!

Supportive & Professional Teachers

Learn from the best! We maintain a staff of dedicated and caring instructors who take a sincere interest in their students’ development as both musicians and people.

Meet your teacher!

Trusted by students and families for 50 years

"I highly recommend Centre Music House to anyone who wants to learn how to play a musical instrument. My children learned how to play ukulele here and we have also been taking flute lessons for several years. Everyone in Centre Music House is passionate about music, very helpful and customer service is outstanding. Look no further! This is the BEST place you can find. Bravo to Center Music House for keeping our children musically engaged at this difficult time."

- Lizzy G., Parent

Start your musical journey today!

Life-Changing Performance Opportunities

Build confidence in your abilities and gain valuable life experiences through recitals and open mics.

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Dedicated Support Staff

Need to change your lesson time? Having trouble with your instrument? Just want to chat about music? Our friendly staff are on-duty around the clock to help make your learning experience as fun and positive as possible.

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Explore more than 15 different instruments

Frequently Asked Questions

You can start anytime you like! We teach all year-round. Students who start after the beginning of the month pay a prorated amount.

No, there is no contract you have to complete but we do expect students to abide by our policy.

The short answer is that it depends. The long answer is that it depends on the instrument you want to play, your musical background, natural abilities, what “good” means to you, and level of commitment from the student and their parents. In general, you should expect to give at least one year of sincere effort. Until we discover the magical secret to becoming an instant master, learning how to play an instrument will always take time, dedication, and effort.

We have students who start piano, violin, or drums as young as 5. Due to certain physical requirements of some instruments (such as guitar or saxophone) we recommend students wait until the ages of 7 or 8.

Yes. We offer a FREE one-time trial lesson for any new student interested in trying music lessons. Trial lessons are ideal for younger students who may or may not be ready for regular private lessons. After trial lessons teachers will provide a recommendation as to whether or not a student is ready for private lessons. Click here to sign-up for a free trial lesson.

Yes. With the exception of drums and piano you are responsible for bringing your own instrument to your lessons. If you need an instrument we have excellent student-quality instruments for sale and for rent. Click these links to find out more about our rent-to-own programs: Guitar Rentals | Band/Orchestra Rentals | Keyboard Rentals | Drumset Rentals |

Bring your instrument, any materials you may have been working on (books), and an open mind!

Yes. We have students who are into their 70s taking music lessons. It’s never too late to learn how to play an instrument. In fact, studies show that learning how to play an instrument actually protects your brain from the negative effects of aging.

You may stop lessons at any time with two weeks notice. Any outstanding balance can either be refunded, carried forward to future lessons, or transferred to a family member’s lessons.

We currently have two performance outlets for our students. The Student Showcase is a bi-annual recital that is dedicated to featuring Centre Music House students and the progress they’re making on their instruments. Student showcases are held in the fall and the spring at a local performance hall. We also host a monthly open mic for our students and other musicians in the community. It’s a great low-pressure environment for musicians of all ages and playing levels to come together and share the joy of live music.

For most of our students, yes. There are some students who progress quickly and would benefit from longer lessons in which case we also offer 45 or 60 minute private lessons (schedule permitting).

No. Lessons are paid for whether attended or not and we do not offer make-ups. We highly recommend that you only schedule lessons at a day and time you know you can commit to consistently.

Once you’re on a teacher’s schedule, you’re reserving that day and time with that teacher. Out of respect for our teachers’ time, we pay them for the time for which they are booked, whether the lessons are attended or not.

For the sake of everyone’s health and safety, we ask that you do not come to your lesson if you are ill or have been exposed to any contagious illness. Please call us if you are sick and cannot attend your lesson. We will arrange for a virtual lesson at the same day and time with your teacher.

Yes. The learning never stops! We teach all year-round.

We send out a Summer Survey in the spring asking you if you plan to be away at all during the summer months of July and August. If you notify us through the survey of any dates when you will be away, you will not be charged for these summer vacation dates.

If we are unable to arrange for a substitute teacher you will be issued a credit towards your next lesson payment.

No. Lessons are tailored to match students’ unique learning styles and musical interests and goals. Our teachers do work out of a range of instructional music books.

Absolutely. Parents are always welcome to sit in during their children’s lessons. It is our experience that students perform better when they establish a rapport with teachers without the presence of parents.

Daily practice is the key. It’s better to spend 15 minutes practicing everyday than 30 minutes the night before your lesson.

If changes in your schedule require a long-term change in your lesson time then you can change your time if scheduling permits.

Billing for music lessons occurs on a monthly basis and are processed by automatic charges to your credit card or bank account. For more information on billing please see our policy.

The teacher-student relationship is critical to the learning process. If you feel like a change of teacher would benefit you or your child’s learning experience that is 100% okay. We will do our best to match you with one of our 20+ amazing teachers to find the best fit for you or your child.

Every journey starts with a first step. Call 508-875-0909 today to speak with a lesson coordinator to start your journey today!