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Piano Lessons

Start your journey into the world of music with private piano lessons!

Piano lessons offer a great foundation for going anywhere in music. Developing eye-hand coordination, learning to read both treble and bass clef, practicing discipline to advance on the instrument…these are all critical components of music education that will help the budding musician of any age.

Beginning Students will…

…follow a set curriculum outlined by the instructor along with method books recommended by the teacher. As a beginner you will learn basic music theory and and work on technical exercises, such as hand position, fingering and playing scales and chords all while learning well-known and simple songs.

As you progress on the piano you will work with your teacher to develop proficiency in stylistic techniques such as legato, staccato, glissando, sight reading, exploring harmonics and working on speed – runs, fills and solos.

Other topics that may be covered in your piano lessons are things like developing improvisation skills and studying the various types of genre-based playing techniques and styles, such as Jazz, Ragtime, Blues, Rock, Pop or Classical piano.

When To Start Piano Lessons

We start piano lessons as young as 5 years old and teach many adult students as well.  As with all of our musical instruction, we make lessons fun while helping the student advance on the instrument. As a parent, you are always welcome to sit in on the lessons of your child, though often the students develop a better rapport with the teacher if free from too much parental involvement.

Start playing the piano today!
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Need a piano to practice on at home?

Casio-Privia-PX160 - If you’re taking piano lessons it’s an absolute must that you have some sort of piano or keyboard at home for practicing. If the only piano playing you do is when you come in for your lessons then you are missing out on all of the growth and learning that happens outside of the piano studio. To accommodate our students we stock excellent quality keyboards for rent and for sale. Click here to learn more about renting a keyboard from Centre Music House!