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Student Performance Opportunities

We believe performance is a vital component of music education. When students perform in a live setting they acquire a set of experiences and take-away lessons that complement the learning achieved in private lessons. 

Through live performance, students:

  • learn how to focus under pressure
  • gain confidence in their abilities
  • find motivation to reach for higher musical goals (such as mastering a specific piece of music)
  • share their gifts and talents with others
  • and have fun!

We offer multiple opportunities for our students to showcase their talents and gain valuable experiences that benefit their musicianship and beyond.

The Student Showcase is a popular component of our private music education program that provides students with the opportunity to perform in a more formal atmosphere.

This is an exciting event for students who have been working hard and are eager to display their achievements in a formal performance. And it’s a great opportunity for students who might need a bit of motivation by working towards a rewarding musical goal.

The Showcase is an event featuring Centre Music House students only. Any friends and family members are welcome to attend. Students are encouraged to perform one song of their choice and may play solo, in a duet, with an accompanist, or along with a pre-recorded backing track.

Highlights from the Fall 2017 Showcase

Upcoming Showcase Details:
  • Sunday, June 17th
  • Amazing Things Arts Center
  • 160 Hollis Street, Framingham, MA

Every month Centre Music House and the B Sister's Cafe team up to host an Open Mic Night for our students and musicians in the community. The open mic is the perfect fun and relaxed minimal pressure environment for new and young performers to “test the waters” without diving into a full-fledged formal performance.

We welcome music makers of all ages and playing levels to perform one to two songs. Whether a solo act, duo, or full band, all are welcome and we encourage students to play any song even if it’s as simple as “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. The point is to get students to experience what it’s like to play in front of an audience. It’s not what students play that matters but what they gain from the experience of performing.

Centre Music House operates the free event and provides all the equipment musicians need to perform (sound system, keyboard, microphones, guitar and bass amplifiers, and full drum kit). So come on down, bring your friends and family, and enjoy the coffee, tea, and tunes.

Open Mics typically take place on the last Friday of every month from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

For the most accurate and up-to-date listing of future Open Mics, check out our Calendar.

Rock & Read: Perform at Framingham Public Library

We're excited to offer a brand new performance opportunity for our students. The Framingham Public Library has invited students of Centre Music House to help kick off their Summer Reading Program with a music event we're calling Rock & Read.

Like on of our Open Mics or Student Showcases, students may perform solo, with a backing track, or in a band or ensemble.

Click here to sign up and learn more.


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