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This event is open to anyone who wants to participate or watch. Submit your videos by the the last Thursday of the month and you will be featured in the monthly open mic. The LIVE show will be available to watch through our youtube channel or facebook page.

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Next Event:
Friday, May 28th

Watch Live:
YouTube | Facebook

Watch Previous Shows:

April 2021

February 2021

March 2021

Open to All
Music Makers

Our Open Mic is open to performers of all ages and musical abilities.

Share Your Music
With the World

Let your voice be heard! The Virtual Open Mic is streamed live across our social media channels for all friends and family to enjoy from around the world.

Welcome to our
Open Mic Community

We believe in providing a relaxed, supportive, and welcoming performance space for everyone. Join the hundreds of performers from MetroWest and beyond that have graced the stage over the past 8 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone sign up for the Open Mic?
Yes! This event is open to all music makers - no matter your age or skill level.

Do I have to be a Centre Music House student to participate?
No, this event is not restricted to our students.

How many songs can I send in?
You can send in as many songs as you want but we may not get to them all in one show. Our first priority is to make sure everyone who submitted a song gets their chance to shine. Then we will go back and play additional submissions.

Do I have to perform live or is it prerecorded?
No, you won't be performing live. You must record and submit your performance using the google form. The monthly event itself will be broadcasted live on Centre Music House's social media channels.

How can I watch the Open Mic?
You can watch the open mic by going to, following us on Facebook, or subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Can I watch the show even if I'm not performing?