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Online Lessons Setup

What kind of device are you using?


  1. Please check your Zoom software for updates. If you don't have Zoom, download and install "Zoom Client For Meetings" here.

    Check Zoom for Updates

  2. Setup the Original Sound setting

      1. On the Home tab, click the settings button.

        Settings Button
      2. Click the Audio tab.
      3. Under the Music and Professional Audio section, check Show in-meeting option to enable "Original Sound".

        Show in-meeting option to enable
  1. When you join your lesson meeting, turn on Original Sound (**It is important to check this every lesson**)

      1. Join the meeting.
      2. Click Original Sound in the top-left corner until it says “Original Sound: On”

        Original Sound
      3. (Optional) Click the drop-down to the right of the Original Sound option to select a microphone that automatically uses original sound when selected.


Coming soon!

Please contact us if you plan to use a different device than the ones listed above.