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Music Production Lessons

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Making professional sounding music in your home studio or on-the-go has never been more affordable and accessible. But amateur producers still face major roadblocks that prevent them from creating music in digital workspaces. What is the best DAW to use? What's the right gear/equipment you need to buy? What are plugins and how do I use them? It's only after you get comfortable understanding and using the software that you begin to create music in a way that is natural, fluid, and gives you the freedom to express yourself. 

Private Music Production lessons with our expert instructors will give you the hands on, one-on-one coaching that will get you producing your own music in no time.

Through project-based lessons, students will learn…

  • basic to advanced lab setups
  • using digital audio workstations (DAWs)
  • understanding & using MIDI
  • song forms
  • looping & repetition
  • melody & harmony
  • recording & editing
  • effects & plug-ins and much more.

When To Start Music Production Lessons

Our Music Production students range in age from 12 to adult.

Music Production Teachers

Professional Music Production Teachers in Framingham, MA

Nate Karahalis Trumpet Trombone Teacher

Nate Karahalis

Trumpet - Trombone - Clarinet - Low Brass - Music Production

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