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Students perform at the Framingham Public Library

Last month, the Framingham Public Library reached out and asked us if any of our students would like to bring some music to the Library to help kick off their Summer Reading Program which they appropriately dubbed Libraries Rock.

Our response? You betcha!

Part of our mission here is provide our students with as many new and unique performance opportunities. We see performance as an essential piece of learning how to play an instrument, as important as regular lessons and practice.

This was the perfect opportunity to give our students a new chance to hone their performance skills while being a part of a valuable community cause.

Coming off the recent student showcase in early June, 17 students eagerly jumped at the opportunity to perform again in front of this new audience.

The crowds of supportive family and friends, as well as folks stopping by the library that day, were entertained by students playing the violin, piano, guitar, drums, and singing.

Some seasoned performers from our regular open mic were there. As well as a few first-time performers who took the plunge.

Thank you to everyone who performed that day! It was a blast. We look forward to hosting more events like this at the Library in the future.

Check out some pictures on our instagram here: