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Keyboard Rentals

Grand pianos are large, heavy, expensive, and difficult to move. At Centre Music House you can rent a keyboard that is lightweight, compact, affordable, and portable!

Realistic, portable, and comfortable to play, the CDP-S160 redefines value in a digital piano. It's a perfect piano for students, hobbyists, or pianists who need grand piano sound and feel in a small space.
It has a built-in stereo speaker system and a headphone output for quiet practice.

What's included?

The package includes a keyboard, a collapsible keyboard stand, an adjustable keyboard bench, and a basic sustain pedal.

Keyboard Rental Rates

The Casio CDP-S160 keyboard is available for rent on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The monthly rent-to-own keyboard rental package includes a built-in purchase option - regular monthly payments can be applied to the total factory value of the keyboard with a 30% discount off the balance at the time of purchase. This monthly rental option is available for Centre Music House students only.

Daily $40 + tax ($40 + $2.50 = $42.50 per day)
Weekly $120 + tax ($120 + $7.50 = $127.50 per week)
Monthly $200 + tax ($200 + $12.5 = $212.5 per month)
Monthly Rent-To-Own* $65 + tax + LTD $65 + $4.06 + $12 = $81.06 (per month)
*The Monthly Rent-To-Own is available for Centre Music House students only.

How to Rent:

To rent a keyboard, please call 508-875-0909 to verify that the instrument you’re looking for is in stock and to reserve one for rent. A Massachusetts drivers license is required as well as a major credit/debit card number. The first month will be charged the day you pick up the instrument. You may return the instrument at any time.

Explore What's in the Keyboard Rental Package