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Guitar & Stringed Instrument Repairs

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WARNING: Not all repair shops will treat your guitar the same.

When you bring your guitar to Centre Music - for even the most basic restring - it gets a premium spa treatment (cucumbers over the eyes not included).

We don’t just take off the old strings and slap on some new ones. We take our time to clean, polish, scrub, and treat everything from headstock to tailpiece until it looks, feels and plays as good as new.

Trust your instrument in the hands of professionals with over 50 years of experience and a lifetime of playing. We treat your instrument as if it were our own. Happiness guaranteed.

We service the following stringed instruments (for violin/viola/cello repairs see here): Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Floyd Rose/Locking Tremolo Guitars, Classical Guitars, 12-String Guitars, Bass Guitars, Ukuleles, Banjos, Mandolins, Autoharps, Zithers, Dulcimers, Cavaqhuinos, Cuatros, and more.

List of Services

Restrings & Set-Ups
  • Single Restring - Up to 2 hours - Remove old string, restring, tune, polish body.
  • Complete Restring - 24 hours - Remove old strings, full cleaning, oil fretboard, polish frets, check and adjust hardware, restring, tune, polish body.
  • Set-Up - 2 to 7 days - Remove old strings, full cleaning, oil fretboard, polish frets, check and adjust hardware, restring, check & adjust neck, check & set intonation, check & adjust hardware, clean & polish, tune.

Electronic Repairs & Installations
  • Spray Pots - Remove potentiometer, treat with deoxit, reinstall potentiometer
  • Repair Output Jack - Repair as needed including resoldering severed connections, tightening loose jack nuts, etc.
  • Replace Output Jack - Remove old jack, solder and install replacement jack
  • Replace Pot or Switch - Remove old potentiometer or switch, solder and install replacement potentiometer or switch
  • Install Endpin Jack - Remove strap button, drill hole to accomodate endpin jack, install and test jack
  • Install New Pick-Up (electric guitar) - Remove old pick-up, wire, solder and install replacement pick-up
  • Install New Pick-Up (acoustic guitar) - Route holes in body as needed to install components (preamp, undersaddle pickup, output jack). Mount and install pick-up components.

Fret Repairs
  • Level & Crown Frets - File frets level, reshape and crown frets, polish smooth
  • Replace Frets 
  • Replace Bound Frets 

Body & Hardware Repairs
  • Re-glue Bridge - Remove bridge, remove old glue and splinters from top of the guitar and bottom of the bridge, apply hide glue and set bridge.
  • Repair Broken Headstock
  • Reset Neck (electric) - Remove neck, add or remove shims as needed, reattach neck.
  • Neck Tweak - Adjust truss rod to achieve desired string height
  • Install Strap Button - Drill pilot hole, install strap button, install strap
  • Install Replacement Hardware - Pre-made nuts, saddles, tuners, etc.
  • Replace Acoustic Pickguard 
  • Make & Install Replacement Hardware - Manufacture custom fitted nuts, saddles, bridges, etc.
  • Mend Body Cracks

No appointment needed - Call or come in for a quote

Trusted by local musicians for 50 years

"I brought my acoustic guitar there to be restrung. They adjusted and tweaked the bridge. They treated the neck and polished my guitar for an incredibly good price! GREAT JOB! Highly recommend!"

- Fenrir A. (google review)

"I've been a customer of Centre Music since the mid-1980's, their product knowledge, sales, service and repair are top-notch! Max and Corbitt are two consummate professionals in this industry, and I look forward to being a long time customer!"

- Liamyyz (google review)

"I brought my mandolin in to be restringed. I dropped it off on New Year's Eve and they had it back to me on January 2. They did a wonderful job! Very friendly, too."

- Jeannette B. (google review)