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Piano Lessons


Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Longy School of Music
Bridgewater State University

Teaching since:

Playing piano is the collective work of our brain, mind, and body. Like a ballerina performing on stage, a pianist’s fingers dance across the piano keys to a beautiful choreography created from the brain, mind, and body. Learning how to play piano takes time, effort, and patience. Pianist Grace Soonjoo Moon guides students in training firm fingers, relaxing their fingers and body, pedaling, creating various tone colors and sonorities, playing different textures, and phrasing music on top of the basic foundations which are essential to studying piano. The basic foundations include how to sit and position their hands, how to read and play notes, how to count beats, developing a sense of rhythm, and understanding notation and the keys and structure of the piano. However, she understands that each student is unique in their own way, so she approaches each student accordingly. She wants to be remembered as a pianist and teacher who inspires students to appreciate music so music can enrich their lives, as well as a teacher who guides students in how to play music and helps establish layers of piano techniques so students can express music without restraint. Above all, she hopes students will be filled with joy and happiness through learning piano.

Grace Soonjoo Moon is a pianist and composer who would like to share her love through music. When she performs, she feels great joy and complete freedom in herself. She is an artist who contemplates music and tries to evoke the meaning of notes and make them come alive. Her performances are sensitive, intellectual, and powerful. As a passionate pianist she endlessly pursues the perfection of music yet remains humble in music. Inspired by her love of improvisation, she enjoys working on composing piano pieces including piano solos, piano trios, and violin-piano and cello-piano duos. Originating from her love of harmony through music, she founded a children's choir and ensemble, directed an Intercultural Music Festival for Peace Concert, and founded and directs the Stone Park Music Festival (SPMF). As a pianist and a member of a piano trio she has performed in the U.S and Korea. She is a classical pianist who also enjoys performing with musicians from all different genres of music. She studied at Longy School of Music where she received the Longy School of Merit scholarship in classical piano performance studies and at Bridgewater State University. She was granted the Adrian Tinsley Program fund for her piano composition and was awarded the Frieda Rand Music Endowment fund for her performance. She has been teaching at music schools around the Boston area and resides in the Boston MetroWest. She is a musician who tries to connect to the audience through her music.

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"Grace is an excellent teacher! She has kindled a passion in me for learning piano and understanding music theory. Every class I learn something new and the thrill of discovery and realizing untapped skill and potential continue to shock me. Grace constantly challenges me to improve myself and encourages my growth through positive reinforcement. She is kind and patient and her approach sustains a desire to meet a high standard of performance and application. Our classes are often marked with laughter and a gentle push towards that constant growth. I am now playing pieces I have listened to other people play my whole life and the realization that at my age I could be the one playing is liberating and empowering.
I am an adult who has never played piano or taken any kind of music class in my life before these lessons. I cannot speak highly enough of my experience and would urge anyone who was on the fence and willing to put in a little effort to give lessons a try and see what is inside you waiting to be discovered."

-Tom A (adult student)