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Drum Set Rentals

Our drum set rental package is a fantastic option for students who are just starting out or are ready for a step up.
All the drums, hardware, and cymbals you need to play - and nothing less!

You can take home a high-quality student grade drum set at a low cost with no long-term commitment through the drum set rental package. For parents that means peace of mind knowing that if your child isn't going to be a super star drummer after all, you can return the drum set at any time and your payments stop.

The built-in rent-to-own option also gives you the added benefit of purchasing the instrument outright at any point at a discounted rate OR paying off the total balance of the rental contract through regular monthly payments. Talk about a win-win!

What's included?

The package includes 5 drums (Bass Drum, Snare Drum, 2 Toms, and Floor Tom), Crash Cymbal, Hi-Hats, Bass Drum Pedal, Snare Drum Stand, Cymbal & Hi-Hat Stands,  Tom Arms, and Throne.

Monthly Payment Schedule

The minimum rental period for the Drum Set Rental Package is 1 month.

Month 1 $100 (plus tax & LTD*) $100 + $6.25 + $12 = $118.25 (first month)
Month 2 & beyond $60 (plus tax & LTD*) $60 + $3.75 + $12 = $75.75 (each month thereafter)

*Loss/Damage/Theft Coverage (LTD): Instruments are covered for breakage, damage, and theft. In case of loss through theft, total destruction by fire or accident, the instrument will be replaced with one of equal quality, age, and condition as determined by Centre Music House. Theft must be reported to the proper law enforcement authorities within 24 hours of discovery of loss, and receipt presented to Centre Music House within 14 days. All charges incurred up to the date of loss are still due and payable. Any damage or breakage to the rented instrument will be repaired to proper playing condition, without charge, unless caused by mischievous or devious conduct as determined by Centre Music House staff. Coverage does not apply to deterioration of appearance which does not affect the performance of the instrument such as scratches, minor dents, and finish wear. Excluded from coverage are drum sticks, drum heads, and any damage to cymbals. Renter is responsible for any lost parts. Any claims for repair or replacement do not alter or diminish the terms of the rental plan or the purchase value of the rented equipment.

How to Rent:

To rent a drum set, please call 508-875-0909 to verify that the instrument you’re looking for is in stock. You may come to Centre Music House at any time to fill out a rental contract to secure your rental instrument. A Massachusetts drivers license is required as well as a major credit/debit card number. The first month will be charged the day you pick up the instrument. You may return the instrument at any time.

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