What’s in Stock?

Centre Music House is more than just a music studio.

We supply our students and the community with everything they need to keep the music going by maintaining an extensive inventory of retail instruments, music books/sheet music, school band accessories, guitar accessories, and more.
Please note: All items are available for purchase in store.

Music Books and Sheet Music


Check out our Music Book selection! We stock the most popular teaching method books for almost every instrument as well as required books for students in school band.

School Band Accessories


If you play an instrument in the school band look no further than Centre Music House to stock-up on all the accessories you need to keep your instrument in good shape.

New and Used Instruments


Check out our inventory of new and used acoustic and electric guitars, amplifiers, drum sets, ukuleles, and more!

Accessories and Gifts


Picks, strings, straps, tuners, you name it, we’ve got it! We also carry an array of replacement parts for acoustic and electric guitars.

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