Rock Band Adventure


The Rock Band Adventure at Centre Music House is the area’s #1 rock band camp for kids and teens!

Join the band and experience what it’s like to play music with other musicians in a fast-paced, immersive setting under the guidance of an expert band-leader.

Together you and your band-mates will vote on which songs to play, learn how to play those songs, and then put it all together and rehearse for your concert at the end of the week. Complete with your own band name and custom logo you’ll be ready to rock at your world premier concert which is broadcasted live on the internet for friends and family to watch from all over the world.

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Rock Band Camp - You're In the Band


You’ll be amazed by how much progress can be made in just one or two weeks. By playing with other people in a band and getting help from the band director, young musicians can drastically improve their playing skills in a very short time.






The Rock Band Adventure isn’t just for guitarists, drummers, and singers – any and all instruments have a place in the band. Trumpet, violin, tuba, you name it! Our expert band director is there to make sure that everyone knows exactly what to play to make the band sound amazing.


At the end of each session, the bands put on their world premier concerts for friends, family, and fans. They’re recorded and streamed live over the internet so that far-away friends or relatives can tune in to watch and listen at any time. Each band gets their own CD and dedicated webpage so they can relive the experience.



Spaces are limited!

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