Instrument Repairs

Got an instrument that needs a little love?

Our expert technicians are available to repair practically any instrument. From basic restrings and cleanings to complete overhauls we can get your instrument playing like brand new again.

Talent and expertise are virtually useless if your instrument isn’t working properly! Make sure you bring in your instrument for routine check-ups and maintenance.

Band Instrument Repairs

crafted-clefFor over 35 years, we’ve been partnered with one of the highest-quality instrument repair shops in New England. Crafted Clefs of New Hampshire utilizes the latest tools and technology and a vast stockpile of replacement parts to ensure all instruments are assessed with the expertise and care of the highest grade. Their experience and attention to detail assures that the you will get your instrument back in like-new playing condition again.

Member of Natbirt

Guitar Repairs

Our experienced staff can take care of basic repairs, restrings, and part replacements for most stringed instruments with typically a one day turnaround.

We have an expert technician with a fully equipped workshop to assess more intensive work such as guitar set-ups, repairing broken necks or body damage.

Our very own luthier, Arthur, has been handling our stringed instrument repairs for 30 years.  From simple set-ups to major repairs, he can get your instrument playing properly again.  A master craftsman, he takes the time to get the job done right.

Turnaround for intensive work can be up to 2 weeks depending on the nature of the work.