Clarinet Lessons

Clarinet Lessons at Centre Music House offers students of all levels the best and most comprehensive learning experience.

Clarinet LessonsThrough private clarinet lessons our master instructors can help you improve your skills whether you’re just starting out in school band, working towards an audition, or just learning for your own personal enjoyment.

Beginner students will learn:

  • how to read music
  • basic music theory
  • proper finger placement and posture
  • how to produce notes


As students progress through their clarinet lessons they will explore more advanced techniques, improvisation, and popular jazz songs. More advanced students will develop their improvisation skills.

When To Start Clarinet Lessons

Our clarinet students range in age from 7 or 8 to adult.


Start learning how to play the clarinet today!

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Need to Rent a Clarinet?

You can rent instructor approved student-quality clarinets from Music & Arts at our location. We carry both new and used clarinets for rent and for sale. Click here for more information about our clarinet rental options.

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